miercuri, 12 iunie 2013

Taxicab misery.

Close the door behind my back
As I enter the taxicab.
We'll be both dead tomorrow, hun,
But give me one last hug.
Let it rain upon the window,
So you may not see my tears,
Although, for the last several hours
 You stared at them through yours.
Now cry.
Cry all the way home, honey.
The same I will do.
Ignore the driver.
This time he only seems not to give a fuck.
Tomorrow we'll be breathing still.
But yet living we will not.
Let's pour whiskey on everything we've got.
Let's cry in our glasses until we fall asleep.
 And in the morning, dearest,
A headache will be all we have.
This, and the misery from the taxicab.

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